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This web site provides online access to selected Statgraphics procedures. You may analyze sample datasets provided by Statgraphics, or you can enter your own data.

There are four user levels:
User LevelLogin RequiredCostMay Read Sample Data FilesMay Enter Own DataMaximum RowsMaximum ColumnsMay Save DataMaximum Files Saved on ServerMay Save System Preferences
Registered UserYesNoneYesYes10010Yes10Yes
Academic Site License UserYesIncluded with site licenseYesYes50050Yes25Yes
SubscriberYes$40 to $50 per month, depending on length of subscription.YesYes20,000100Yes100Yes

1. Guest - Guests may run any of the statistical procedures using the Statgraphics sample data sets. They cannot, however, enter their own data. To use the site as a Guest, no user account needs to be created and you do not have to log in.

2. Registered User - Registered Users may enter and analyze up to 100 rows and 10 columns of their own data. They can also save data files to the server for up to 3 days. To become a registered user, click on the Login link in the upper right section of the initial page and then select "Create a new account". A user password will be e-mailed to you. There is no charge to become a Registered User.

3. Academic Site License User - Faculty, staff and students at universities which have current site licenses for Statgraphics may enter and analyze larger datasets. For information about obtaining an academic site license, please visit www.statgraphics.com.

4. Subscriber - Subscribers may enter and analyze larger datasets. A monthly fee is charged to Subscribers. You may obtain a subscription at www.statgraphics.com.